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During the purchasing stage of inflatable water park business, many inflatable water park owners are not sure how to choose the right inflatable water park supplier, because every supplier says “we are the right one”. The following advantages of Hitex are described from both company general advantages and blow up water park product quality advantages, hope it’s helpful for your decision.​​​​​​​

Enough number of projects and rich experience

We have sold to more than 50 countries and have more than 170 inflatable water park projects by the end of 2022.

Testing pool for new designs

We have commercial water pool for our new floating water park items testing.

Ready to ship items

Most time of the year, we have inflatable water park items in stock that are ready to ship.

On-time delivery

Our 95-98% on-time delivery rate ensures your inflatable water park can open on time.

Low customer complaint rate

From 2018-2021, our customer complaint rate about the quality of the blow up water park items is less than 3%.

Factory direct price

Compared with other similar brands of inflatable water park suppliers, our factory direct price can save 50-70% cost for inflatable water park owners.

TUV certificate for each single element

All of our standard commercial inflatable water park elements are TUV certified against the updated standard EN ISO 25649.

Clear warranty policy

We have very clear warranty policy which makes the inflatable floating water park after-sale service quick and non-controversial.


Standard Inflatable Hitex Indochina Water Parks Or A Customized

Before considering a customized floating water parks solution, we suggest you go through standard Hitex Indochina Inflatables water parks combination to determine if there is a suitable one for you. Choosing Hitex Indochina standard inflatable water parks/inflatable aqua parks combination can save valuable time for communication and production. Some elements in the combination are currently in stock and ready to be shipped.

Quick Delivery

Standard Hitex Indochina Inflatable Water Parks

Design Your Unique Blow Up Water Park

Customized Floating Water Park


Hitex Indochina is a Vietnamese water park manufacturer specializing in designing and producing commercial inflatable water parks.

We are the Vietnamese supplier with the largest number of water park projects in many countries. By the end of 2022,we have sold blow up water park to more than 50 countries and have more than 170 projects. All our water park items made of customized anti-UV material. The life span of this material is 30-50% longer than typical material that most suppliers use.

All our single STANDARD elements passed stringent tests against EN ISO25649 by TUV. To meet different customers’ need, we offer both standard combinations and customized solutions .

​​​​Compared with other Vietnamese suppliers, strict quality control is our advantage. Compared with other European or U.S. suppliers, direct factory price is our advantage. If you have a water park area, come to Hitex Indochina, we’ve got a satisfactory solution for you!


If you checked all Hitex Indochina standard inflatable floating water park combinations and still have not found a satisfactory park. Then customize your own water park with us is your right choice. By the end of 2022, we customized for more than 170 locations in multiple countries. We can customize both layout and color combination for your aquapark. But if you want a quicker shipment, selecting from our stock items and form your own layout is a better choice. If you are looking for reliable inflatable water park supplier or professioanl floating water park manufacturer, welcome to contact Hitex Indochina.

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These are part of Hitex Indochina inflatable water parks projects in different countries. If you want to experience Hitex Indochina inflatable water playground in person but cannot find a project location near you,  please contact us.
A Hitex Indochina Inflatables sales representative will check for nearby projects which may not currently appear on this list.
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Hitex Indochina floating water parks or inflatable water amusement park combination is designed based on capacities or water areas of differing sizes.If the standard combination is satisfactory, but you prefer some minor changes such as the color or some single elements, please tell us. We can amend them for you accordingly.
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By the end of 2022, Hitex Indochina inflatable water parks were installed in 170+ locations in 50+ countries. Many happy and successful customers.Here are some customers video feedback after using our inflatable aqua parks. Let’s listen what they say.


Professional Hitex Indochina Inflatable Water Park For Sale

Hitex Indochina (Inflatable Water Park Manufacturer and Inflatable Theme Park Manufacturer) TUV certifications are for each single standard inflatable water park item, not only for a factory audit. To be certified by TUV, each water park element must be tested and comply with the updated norm EN ISO 25649. Simultaneously, an annual TUV audit is carried out to make sure the production process also complies with the requirement.

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